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Did you Know?

Hollow block construction of homes is unsafe if there are no steel bars or wire mesh in between? This is why many houses in 3rd world countries collapse easily during an earthquake or even just a strong typhoon.

Using a steel wire mesh or a steel frame or simply dropping rebar rods into every other cell of the hollow block for reinforcement however means a much safer home, especially in earthquake prone Philippines.

Learn how to properly reinforce a hollow concrete block wall here.

Moreover, steel is 100% recyclable, even if it is old and rusted and looks like junk already, it is still fully recyclable.

What’s more, the steel frame is not only strong enough to keep your walls from collapsing during thunderstorms, it also provides a path for the lightning to go straight to the ground should your house be struck.

Lastly, your living area can actually be much bigger since huge columns will no longer be necessary because a steel frame is strong enough for wide open spaces.

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