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An Amazing “How-to-put-up-a-steel-roof” Project

First Rafter on "Our Philippinelife.com House Project"

Myphilippinelife.com has put together a wonderful tutorial on the standard Philippine roofing system. They explain what angle bars they use, when c-purlins were appropriate and the like. The pictures tell the tale though and it’s wonderful to see how they build the roof with a blow-by-blow account. They even have the prices they paid for their materials. They also warn, as we’ve been warning our customers, against substandard steel, “So when shopping for steel in the Philippines, you have to be on your toes. Some, perhaps even most suppliers will automatically ship you substandard steel unless you are educated and persistent.” It’s not cheaper when you’re getting something of inferior quality that could be harmful to your safety in the long run.

Best of all, they walk us down the history of Philippine roofs at the end of the article. Treating us not only to an excellent “how-to-guide” but also a walk down memory lane.

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