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The Advantages of a Steel Roof over Wood

Once upon a time (translation: before the 1970’s), wood was used extensively in the Philippines for top cords, trusses and purlins. With the population boom and our forest decline however, wood is now simply too expensive to use.

Contractors, architects and designers started encouraging the use of angle bars for trusses and c purlins where the roofing plates are then screwed in. It is not only cheaper, but much easier to put together. Some even go as far as using GI pipes welded together in very simple roofing systems.

As we all know, termites abound in the Philippines and you never know when wood in your structure is being eaten away until sometimes way too late. The use of steel spares homeowners from termite infestations aside from being cheaper, easier to construct and always readily available.

The use of steel over wood means the protection of our forest cover- to cleanse our air, to provide oxygen, to keep animals safe, among a host of other things.

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