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Substandard Steel Puts Lives at Risk


We cannot stop the wrath of mother nature and we will never win a battle against her. But often times, we also blame her for things that are our own fault. When Supertyphoon Juan hit last 2010, 15 steel towers on the Gamu-Tuguegarao line toppled.

First we would like to find out if the materials used were substandard. And if they are substandard, determine if they are locally made or imported. Being responsible corporate citizens, we cannot just sit back knowing that this is hazardous to life and property, aside from causing disruption to the delivery of power to communities
and business establishments
,” said Maria Victoria Padilla, executive director of PPSQF (Philippine Product Safety and Quality Foundation)

In a separate case in Batangas City, Padilla reported the , seizing of substandard steel goods amounting to 1 million pesos (of which over 700,000 were subsequently sold). Padilla reiterated that “substandard steel angles in the market puts the lives and properties of the public at risk” and said the government together with the private sector must work together to put a stop to its proliferation.

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